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Owning the wrong accessories or enhancements can be a bigger problem than you think. Wearing gear that feels tight or doesn’t breathe easily makes the workout more uncomfortable than it has to be. Are you looking to upgrade your accessories and gear so that you are swagging the best gear around? Or maybe you’d like to reach your goals faster and you’re looking for the best supplements to take to enhance your body’s capacity? Whatever the case may be, just know that Your Total Fitness Shop is the best supplier around for Arkansas supplements and gear.

Since we stay updated on the latest and greatest Arkansas fitness equipment, it would make perfect sense that we have the latest and greatest with everything else. So for all the supplements you need to stay energized throughout your workout, recover quickly after the workout and enhance the development of core muscles, you can trust Your Total Fitness Shop to grant you the best money can buy. For the gear, drinks and clothing you need, you can also know that Your Total Fitness Shop provides the best branded material available too!


We’ll beat any local competitor’s prices and match internet pricing!

Do you have trouble finding the right Arkansas fitness equipment to use for your health goals? Do the many options get really complicated and you wish you simply had a guide to help you pick the right Arkansas fitness equipment? You know, someone at a local fitness shop to help you choose the best Arkansas fitness equipment for your needs? You’ve come to the right place. At Your Total Fitness Shop, our company is completely focused on one goal: Helping You Reach Your Fitness Goals.

Whether that’s through the current supplements to boost your body’s capacity or by finding the best Arkansas fitness equipment available, our company has you covered. With over 25 years of experience and three locations in the great state of Arkansas, we’ve made a name for ourselves as the brand to trust for reliable equipment, service, delivery and really anything related to fitness! Here are some of the primary Arkansas fitness equipment you can use in order to accelerate toward your fitness goals!

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Are you looking for supplements to enhance your performance in the gym? Do you need some dietary supplements? If you are looking for supplement stores in Fort Smith, AR, Your Total Fitness Shop has what you need. We stock tons of different supplements that will benefit your body.

While supplements can be great, too many at one time can create imbalances in your body. On top of that, if you choose the wrong supplements, you may be setting yourself up for failure. That’s why it’s always wise to chat with one of our store representatives. At either our Little Rock, Fayetteville, or Rogers locations, our team can educate you on which supplements to use for certain needs. So if you’re looking to alleviate the soreness after a rough workout, we’ve got the goods for you. What if you are wanting your muscles to respond more quickly to the workout? We’ll take care of you there too. Of course, it’s all respectable supplements to enhance and benefit you with your fitness goals.


Great accessories can really bring some joy to the workout. Putting on those slick workout headphones and blasting some fun tunes during some heavy lifting can really bring the workout to fun heights! How about getting a fun water bottle or some toilets to wipe the sweat off? Or maybe you actually need some better workout clothes so that you can breathe easier during the workout? What if you just want to elevate your workout game so you can swag the best gear? Whatever the case is or the motivation, our team at Your Total Fitness Shop will be there to bring you the goods.

Some of the accessories can actually be really helpful for your workout! For instance, you could pick up some jump ropes in order to add another effective, active part of your workout. You could also use some soreness relaxing spike balls. Rolling these on your tight muscles will be painful initially, but will break up the tension and relax the muscles. If you do this before and after your workout, your muscles won’t be so painfully sore during the other parts of your day. Many of the accessories and tools you purchase at Your Total Fitness Shop can not only provide great benefits to the workout, but also show off that you mean business in the gym! Stop by one of our stores in Rogers, Little Rock or Fayetteville to pick up your needed gear today.


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More Reasons to Love Your Total Fitness Shop

Top Equipment in the State

By choosing to stop by Your Total Fitness Shop, you are choosing from a selection of the best pieces of Arkansas fitness equipment available in the market. There’s no need to worry about any used equipment or resale items. While we do provide used equipment from time to time, we would much rather provide you fitness equipment that we know will work extremely well, every time. Even with any used equipment, we’ve only purchased it because we tested the equipment, diagnosed the wear and tear, and replaced any parts that needed to be replaced. We are fully committed to providing the best there is to offer for your fitness needs.


We’re Totally Focused on Fitness

This is why it’s especially clear that we’re totally focused on your fitness goals. Our staff stays knowledgeable about new supplements that come through the store, new types of Arkansas fitness equipment to use and any other products that can be helpful to our customers. We want Your Total Fitness Shop to become your one-stop shop for anything you need regarding fitness. So if you simply stop by either our Little Rock, Fayetteville or Rogers locations, we will be thrived to show you the ropes!

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