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  • State-of-the-Art, Highest Quality Equipment Around
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What’s the difference between one Arkansas fitness shop versus another one? It’s not like certain fitness shops will sell different Arkansas fitness equipment than others right? Shouldn’t you expect the same service from most any Arkansas fitness shop? That’s the assumption that many new shoppers think as well. They can’t imagine that there would be a dramatic difference between one store versus another. Even though you can find distinct differences between gyms like Planet Fitness, Ten Gym or Lifetime Fitness, the perception doesn’t often carry over with fitness stores.

Your Total Fitness Shop has been around for over 25 years and the founders, James and Craig Brown, have seen it all. They have mystery shopped their competition, continually reviewed the top products in the industry, and spent long nights and weekends growing their business to determine that there are dramatic differences. It’s not only in the equipment or the stores themselves, but the staff can fluctuate too. Some stores can be quite the letdown and some can really impress the competition. While past competitors against Your Total Fitness Shop have come and gone, our business stands strong and capable to expand even further. To work with one of the most trustworthy suppliers of Arkansas fitness equipment, stop by one of our three locations today.

We Service & Deliver Equipment

One of the biggest perks to working with Your Total Fitness Shop is our ability to service and deliver all Arkansas fitness equipment to you. That’s right. From delivery, to assembly, to installation and even the service of equipment years down the road, we’ll be your team. There’s a lot dependent on the warranty agreements with the equipment, but this is a service that very few Arkansas fitness stores are willing to provide. They will very readily sell you the equipment, but it’s on you, as the buyer, to figure out how to transport it and install it at your place. We couldn’t reasonably be able to expect most of our buyers, whether commercial or retail, to correctly set up every part of the equipment.

For one thing, it can easily become dangerous due to poor assembly and usage of the equipment. On top of that, some of the Arkansas fitness equipment is highly complex and requires hours of time to assemble. Since you are such a busy person with everything you do on a regular basis, leave it up to the professionals to install the Arkansas fitness equipment for you. Of course, if you’d like to chat with us about how to set up this equipment, we’ll be thrilled to enlighten you. But since you probably have better things to do, let our lovely people at Your Total Fitness Shop be the helping hands you deserve.

Knowledgeable Staff

Because quite frankly, most employees have staff that’s quite subpar. According to statistics about humanity, 85% of job applicants today are currently lying on their resumes. And if a job applicant receives a chance at an interview, 81% of all applicants lie in the interview! With 66% of employees either disengaged or “actively disengaged” in the workplace, it’s no wonder that poor service exists everywhere. No matter what business or what industry, you’ll find lackluster people work in the job. Whether it’s accounting firms, fast food restaurants or even large-scale companies like Google, there will always be knuckleheads.

This is why we are fixated on making sure our staff stays on top of their game. Since we are Your Total Fitness Shop, we need to have our staff be quite knowledgeable about the basics of fitness. What’s the best equipment to use in order to reduce stress in the day? Which supplements will get me to recover the best after a workout? What are the best workouts in order to strengthen my feeble calve muscles? Our buyers and especially our retail shoppers ask questions like this, so it’s our utmost responsibility to hire the best and brightest out there.

That’s why we are always hiring and always recruiting for positions. If we quit looking around and prospecting for the best and brightest, then we may miss out on a great team player to add to our squad. It’s similar to how college athlete scouts always go to games and see who’s available. These scouts actively work to pursue who top prospects are so that their teams can get better and better. This is how we view hiring and that’s why you’ll find several 5-star reviews from our great customers talking specifically about our staff. And if you stop by one of our locations today, you’ll get to see what we mean.

We’re Totally Focused on Fitness

Since we want our staff to be as knowledgeable as possible with fitness, we keep our priorities on fitness. It wouldn’t help our employees if we inundated them with knowledge on other topics not related to fitness. It wouldn’t help our customers either because the employees will have their knowledge base spread too thin. In order to be a dominant force in fitness, specifically in the Arkansas area, we must be focused on this core skill set. That’s why for over 25 years, we’ve continued to be the premium choice for retail shoppers and commercial buyers all around. Stop by either our Little Rock, Rogers or Fayetteville locations to see for yourself why our clients love us.

The Top Equipment Around

By working with Your Total Fitness Shop, you’re also getting access to the latest and greatest Arkansas fitness equipment on the market. It’s not just the equipment either! You’ll also get the best supplements, athletic gear, accessories and overall setup for your fitness goals. We’ve even built personal plans for people’s fitness goals too! In fact, we’ll go so far as helping our commercial buyers set up the more optimal gym spaces for their gym rats. For a total experience with all your Arkansas fitness equipment needs, look nowhere else than Your Total Fitness Shop. Visit one of our stores in Rogers, Little Rock or Fayetteville today!

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